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As a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance building materials, our mission is to enhance the impact of construction in every aspect, from eco-consciousness to durability.

Why Silicate?

Explore our range of eco-friendly and hypoallergenic products designed to minimize material usage without compromising quality. With high resistance to various elements and minimal maintenance costs, our solutions are built to last, ensuring a safe and enduring environment for your projects.


We take pride in our commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing processes. ESS materials are formulated with sustainability in mind, utilizing eco-friendly components that minimize environmental impact. Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% with DGNB 4 on 15 of 17 products.


ESS materials are engineered for durability and resilience, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. Quality that withstands salt, chemicals, bacteria, UV, and heat up to 7OO degrees.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Discover the ideal balance of quality and affordability. With a commitment to minimizing maintenance costs, our solutions provide excellent value.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Full function can be achieved at 3mm, reducing material usage by up to 75%.

Achieve full functionality with just 3mm of our innovative materials, effectively reducing material usage by up to 75%.

Humidity Control

Experience reliable moisture control with our water-resistant products. Our diffusion-open technology sets a new standard, providing an effective solution for areas prone to dampness and humidity.


Free of hazard labels, VOCs, and APEOs, our products create a safe, allergy-free working environment that prioritizes health and safety, contributing to overall well-being.

Silicate Projects

Parking DK

In a Danish underground parking lot, we installed a new ecological poured floor, incorporating a multi-step process including grinding the existing floor, applying an eco primer, and topping it with a 3mm layer of Eco Rapid SL infused with quartz, followed by a sealing Eco topcoat.

Denmark / 2023

Water Purification Installation

Coreworld AB renovated a water purification installation in Sweden with ECO SILICATE SYSTEMS. The use of the product Eco All In One made sure the systems are waterproof and resistant to acid (ph 4 – 14).

Sweden / 2022

Parking SE

In a parking lot in Stockholm, Sweden, we implemented an eco-conscious flooring solution involving grinding the surface, applying an eco primer, and installing a 3mm layer of Eco Rapid with embedded stones, followed by the application of Eco Hydro Sil and Eco Hydro Glass.

Sweden / 2021

The Nest

For our project at The Nest Montenegro, covering 1000 square meters, we began by preparing the surface through grinding. Following this, we applied an eco primer before installing a 3mm layer of white Eco Rapid Deco. To complete the flooring, we applied a matte Eco Topcoat, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting protection for the newly constructed space.

Montenegro / 2021

Our Sustainable Building Services

We offer tailored solutions for companies undertaking extensive building projects and extend global distributor opportunities for resellers seeking top-quality products. Connect with us to explore project consultation, distributorship, or uncover how we redefine excellence in your construction initiatives. uncover how our services are designed to meet your specific needs, offering sustainable solutions and expert craftsmanship.Partner with us to shape a future where construction seamlessly integrates sustainability and performance.

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