Environmental Impact

What makes ESS stand out as a more sustainable choice compared to other products?

Our commitment to green practices starts with the composition of our products, which are silicate-based rather than cement-based. This eco-friendly choice eliminates the need for energy-intensive heating processes during production.

Due to our advanced binding technology, ESS products can be applied with a thin layer, ranging from 2-3mm. This stands in contrast to cement-based alternatives, which often necessitate thicknesses of up to 12mm. By opting for Eco Silicate Systems, material consumption gets reduced by up to 75%.

In our dedication to sustainable construction, we take the extra step of recycling construction waste, seamlessly incorporating it into our product composition. This circular approach not only minimizes waste but also elevates the sustainability of our building materials.

An environment with reduced chemical impact and enhanced well-being

ESS abstains from the use of solvents, VOCs, or APEOs in product formulations. Our materials exhibit notable durability, withstanding temperatures of up to 700 degrees Celsius and can be distilled with steam during cleaning.

We’re dedicated to a chemical-free process from inception through application and beyond. Adhering to these principles shows our commitment to environmental responsibility, customer satisfaction, the welfare of our craftsmen, and ourselves.

How is ESS certified for sustainability and health?

EMICODE EC1 Plus Certificates

We have EMICODE EC1 Plus certificates, which are the absolute best certificates in terms of climate and indoor air quality. These can only be obtained by having incredibly low CO2 emissions during the production of materials and the lowest measurement of VOC.

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